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5th of May Orange Parade

There will be an Orange Parade for children's rights held in Tokyo on the 5th of May which is the Children's Day public holiday. It will be my fifth Orange Parade.

They are organised by Japanese NPOs and people dress in costumes, wear the colour orange and carry banners and flags.


[Date] 5 May 2023.   

 [Meeting place/time].

  Jingu Street Park

  13:45 Assembly 

  14:00 Start

  15:30 Dismissal

(Participants are welcome to join or leave during the course.)


Jingu Street Park - Shibuya Scramble Crossing - Shibuya Miyamasuzaka - Passing Aoyama Gakuin University - Omotesando Station - Harajuku Station - Dismissal point

[日時] 2023年5月5日   









I have just finished creating my own flag for the parade.

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1 comentario

Great site Cat, I hope the parade goes well and people scan and really think.

Me gusta
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